Watching The Heavens

The Internet has changed significantly over the past 20 years. In particular, the speed at which data is transferred has rapidly increased and, in turn, drastically reshaped the experience. Gone are the days of dial-up connections, browsing sites and taking a moment to consider which link to click on next because that choice truly required an investment of time. There was more time to contemplate when you were surfing the web back then, more time to think about what you were reading or looking at. Now we can access media so quickly that we often don't even stop to think about it. A .jpg doesn't feel like the precious commodity it used to be. As we rapidly shift between browser tabs for a half a dozen different sites, it becomes all about staying on top of the stream. What's happening now? React to the topic of the moment on your social networks, generate responses, follow up with something witty, enhance your personal brand, move on to the next thing. It's all about speed.

Watching The Heavens is a web-based work on the theme of slowness, a meditative space to overlooking the network where you can take a break. Click on the preview above or visit to view the full work.